From the Executive Director

Welcome to Catholic Education

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new Catholic Education Commission of Victoria website, the online focal point of a first class, modern and progressive education system.

As Executive Director, I have the joy of working with a team of talented and committed teachers and school leaders who strive to produce the best possible results for more than 210,000 students in 493 Catholic schools across the state.

Our task is to shape the academic, spiritual, physical, social and moral elements of every student in our care – and we do it very well. Most importantly, a Catholic education instils in young people the desire to make the world a better place.

Every child must learn right from wrong but a Catholic school does much more.  We instil the importance or caring for others and genuinely wanting to make our world a better place.

We also abide by the philosophy that parents and carers are the first and lifelong educators of their children. By working together I believe we provide the loving, compassionate, supportive and safe environment crucial to nurturing creative and successful young adults.

It is these values that long-time families say they love most about our schools, and why we will always ensure ‘Catholic’ is not just part of your school’s name, but the heart of its identity.

To visitors reading about the delights of Catholic education for the first time, you – like our students – will learn fast. Learn that our schools acknowledge family as the first and lifelong educator, and learn that by working together we will achieve wondrous results.

Academically our schools continue to perform at the highest standard.

Independent research released in 2015 quantified this academic advantage with Catholic school Year 12 students – on average – found to achieve a result six ATAR points higher than a comparable student at a government school. The Melbourne University research also found that the ATAR advantage exists for all Catholic students, not just high performers.

No matter why you are here on our site, at CECV and our wonderful schools you are more than welcome.

  • Stephen Elder, Executive Director Catholic Education