Grants Allocation Committee (Secondary)


Voting members (13)


CECV Director

Ms Maria Kirkwood (Chairperson)

Representatives of the leaders of religious congregations (2)

Sr Brigid Arthur CSB
Mr Eugene Lynch

Representatives of congregation-owned schools (3)

Mr John Freeman
Ms Sandra Diafas
Mr John Finn

Representatives of Victorian regional colleges (3)

Mr Andrew Walsh
Mr Andrew Watson
Ms Michelle Cotter

Directors of Catholic Education (or their nominee) in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the dioceses of Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale (4 in total)

Mrs Jane Callaghan
Ms Audrey Brown 
Mr Michael Hopkinson
Mr Paul Velten

Non-voting members (2)


Manager Secondary Services, Catholic Education Melbourne

Ms Rosalie Jones

Secondary School Business Advisor, Catholic Education Melbourne

Mr Gary Minihan

Terms of Reference

  1. Establishment
    The CECV Grants Allocation Committee (Secondary) was established by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) in 1977. The committee is responsible in the first instance to the Executive Director of the CECV. The committee reports to the CECV.
  2. Functions and responsibilities
    The committee was established as the CECV’s approved authority for the receipt and distribution of recurrent grants to systemically funded secondary schools. It is responsible for:
    • advising the CECV on the distribution of Australian and Victorian government grants to member schools in a way that is consistent with any relevant CECV policies and is in accordance with the requirements of Australian and Victorian governments
    • ensuring that the CECV meets its accountability obligations to government and other stakeholders on a timely basis with regard to the recurrent funding of secondary schools
    • advising the CECV on applications and outcomes from schools for interest and special factors
    • ensuring all CECV policies and procedures relating to the distribution of recurrent grants to secondary schools are regularly reviewed and amended, if required and with the approval of the CECV, to best achieve its objectives
    • facilitating, commenting and advising the CECV on applications from schools wishing to join the systemically funded group of schools.
    • ongoing monitoring of the Committee’s risks and reporting the status of proposed risk treatments to the CECV Audit and Risk Committee regularly in accordance with the CECV Risk Management Policy
    • receiving funding request submissions from Grants Allocation Committee – Targeted Programs – GAC(TP), for consideration, discussion and approval. If approved by GAC(S), then forwarding to CECV Board for endorsement.