Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) Committee

Voting members (9)


Director of CECV

Mr Stephen Elder (Chairperson)

Directors of Catholic Education (or their nominee) in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the dioceses of Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale (4 in total)

Ms Audrey Brown
Ms Maria Kirkwood
Mr Paul Desmond
Mr Stephen Elder

A representative of secondary school principals nominated by the PAVCSS

Dr Peter Casey

A representative of primary school principals nominated by the VACPSP

Mr Tom Lindeman

A representative from the religious institutes nominated by Catholic Religious (Victoria)

Mr Paul Williams

External Representative

Mr David Bristow

Director, Enterprise Services, Catholic Education Melbourne

Mr Jim Miles

Director and CFO, Business Advisory Services, Catholic Education Melbourne

Mr David Wilkes

Director, Chief Digital Officer, Catholic Education Melbourne

Mr Simon Mitchell-Wong

Terms of Reference

  1. Establishment
    The CECV ICON Working Party (the working party) was established by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Limited (CECV) Board in March 2012. The working party reports to the CECV Board.
  2. Functions and responsibilities
    The working group is established to recommend to the CECV Board:
    • Detailed ICON strategies and services;
    • The execution of ICON contracts;
    • Oversight of the ICON project budget;
    • Project risk mitigation strategies;
    • ICON implementation strategies and timeline;
    • Stakeholder communications.