Contemporary Education Committee

Voting members (9)


Director of CECV

Mr Paul Desmond (Chairperson)

One representative nominated by each of the Directors of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the dioceses of Ballarat, Sandhurst and Sale (4 in total)

Mr Paul Sharkey
Mr John Meneely
Mr Paul Desmond
Ms Maria Kirkwood

A representative of secondary school principals nominated by the PAVCSS

Ms Leonie Keaney

A representative of primary school principals nominated by the VACPSP

Mr Frank Dullard

A representative from the religious institutes nominated by Catholic Religious (Victoria)

Mr Paul Herrick
Mr Peter Kelly

A parish priest nominated by the CECV Board

Rev. Max Vodola


Terms of Reference

  1. Establishment
    The CECV Contemporary Education Committee is a permanent committee of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Limited (CECV) in accordance with the CECV's Board Charter (August 2012).
  2. Functions and Responsibilities
    The overarching purpose of the Contemporary Education Committee is to support the CECV's strategic role in ensuring that Catholic Schools are of high quality and are continually improving their effectiveness in achieving positive educational outcomes for students. The Committee's role is:
    • Identifying, monitoring and making recommendations on emerging education related issues and needs of state-wide concern for Catholic Education in Victoria;
    • Providing policy advice and, if appropriate, proposing CECV responses to National and State education initiatives;
    • Monitoring educational performance, including Catholic identity in Catholic Schools, particularly with regard to the impact of particular educational initiatives;
    • Developing and/or enunciating state-wide strategy and policy to improve educational outcomes;
    • Recommending, undertaking, supporting or commissioning educational research into matters affecting Catholic education in Victoria;
    • Conducting ongoing monitoring of the Committee's risks and reporting the status of proposed risk treatments to the CECV ARC regularly in accordance with the CECV Risk Management Policy.