The following list provides an overview of leave in accordance with the VCEMEA.

Annual Leave Annual leave allows an employee to be paid while having time off work
Cashing out of untaken annual leave Cashing out annual leave means an employee receives payment instead of taking time off work
Community services leave Employees who engage in a voluntary emergency management activity or a community service activity are entitled to be absent from their employment
Compassionate leave Employees may be entitled to compassionate leave due to a death, serious illness or injury of a member of the employee's immediate family or household
Cultural and ceremonial leave An employee of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent may be entitled to paid cultutal and ceremonial leave
Degree and diploma leave Employees may be entitled to degree and diploma leave
Family and domestic violence leave Employees may be entitled to family and domestic violence leave 
Examination leave Employees may be entitled to examination leave
Infectious disease leave Employees that contract an infectious disease at the workplace may be entitled to infectious disease leave
Jury service Employees may be entitled to paid jury service leave
Leave without pay Employees have the right to request leave without pay, but the granting of such leave is at the discretion of the employer
Long service leave Employees are entitled to 13 weeks long service leave upon completion of ten years continuous service in Victorian Catholic education
Parental leave Employees may access paid or unpaid leave including maternity, paternity and adoption leave
Personal Leave Employees may be entitled to paid personal leave due to a personal illness or injury or for the purposes of caring for an immediate family or household member who requires care and support due to an illness or unexpected emergency
Public holidays Employees shall be entitled to public holidays
Trade union training leave Paid leave for trade union training will be available in each school for the designated Union representative
Union committee leave Employees may be entitled to paid leave to attend Committee of Management meetings.