Employment of Staff

The Victorian Government recently introduced new Child Safe Standards along with Ministerial Order 870.

The CECV Guidelines on the Employment of Staff in Catholic Schools (Guidelines) provide a step-by-step guide to assist principals and employers with the process of selecting and employing staff in schools.

The Guidelines cover each step of the process including developing a position description, advertising, interview, selection, appointment, pre-employment checks, induction and ongoing employment obligations. The Guidelines contain useful checklists, templates and forms to further assist principals and employers.

The Guidelines provide information to assist schools to comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order No. 870, and to also ensure that the selection and employment processes used by schools encourage the employment of quality staff and protects schools from claims of discrimination and adverse action. 

Template letters of appointment for employees, once appointed, are also available under Template Letters.

CECV Guidelines on the Employment of Staff in Catholic Schools
Attachment 1 - Checklist for the Employment of Staff in Catholic Schools
Attachment 2 - Statement of Principles regarding Catholic Education
Attachment 3 - Example Position Descriptions
Attachment 4 - Template Advertisement
Attachment 5 - Template Application for Employment
Attachment 6 - Template Letter Acknowledging Receipt of Application
Attachment 7 - Template Schedule of Applicants
Attachment 8 - Template Letter to Unsuccessful Applicant(s)
Attachment 9 - Template Letter Requesting Interview
Attachment 10 - Template Applicant Assessment Sheet
Attachment 11 - Template Referee Report
Attachment 12 - Template Selection Report
Attachment 13 - Template Induction Checklist