The CECV has developed guidelines on the engagement of volunteers.

The CECV Guidelines on the Engagement of Volunteers in Catholic Schools (Guidelines) provide a step-by-step guide to assist principals and employers with the process of selecting and engaging volunteers in schools.

In Catholic schools, volunteers:

  • contribute to the pool of resources available
  • build a shared sense of community
  • create opportunities for community connection, involvement and engagement
  • strengthen the connection between schools, families, parishes and community.

These Guidelines therefore assist schools by providing information about the selection of volunteers, including pre-engagement checks. The Guidelines contain useful checklists, templates and forms to further assist principals and employers.

In particular, the Guidelines provide information to assist schools to comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and Ministerial Order No. 870 in the engagement of volunteers.

CECV Guidelines on the Engagement of Volunteers
Attachment 1 - Checklist for the Engagement of Volunteers in Catholic Schools
Attachment 2 - Example Description of Volunteer Role
Attachment 3 - Example Responsibilities of Volunteer Form
Attachment 4 - Template Volunteer Application Form
Attachment 5 - Template Record of Interview for Volunteers
Attachment 6 - Example Referee Report for Volunteers
Attachment 7 - Template Letter Confirming Volunteer Work
Attachment 8 - Template Induction Volunteer Checklist
Example Correspondence to Existing Volunteers
Child Safe Schools Resources (CEVN)