The following information is designed to assist employers and principals with the employment of staff in Victorian Catholic education.

Categories of employment There are four types of employment for non-teaching employees
Classification of employment Classification descriptors are provided in the Agreement to assist schools in outlining job descriptions for employees, and to provide commencement salaries for education support employees and school services officers
Emergency Teachers An emergency teacher is a casual employee appointed on an ad hoc basis for up to, and including 15 continuous working days
Fixed Term employment Employment for a specified period of time (fixed term) must only be used when the appointment is for one of the reasons in the Agreement
Induction Newly appointed employees must be inducted to the school
Letters of appointment Upon engagement, each employee shall be given a letter of appointment
Professional registration All employees in Catholic Education must be registered or have a current Working with Children Check
Resident caretakers Resident caretakers may be supplied with a non-monetary benefit by the employer
Types of employment Employment contracts within Catholic Education include ongoing, fixed term, casual relieving, emergy teaching or casual