Sabbatical Leave

An employee (excluding temporary or casual employees) may apply to the employer to participate in an agreed sabbatical leave arrangement.

Sabbatical Leave

The employer may grant such leave, as a form of leave without pay, taking into account the overall needs of the school.  The agreement should be in writing, setting out the period of the leave to be taken.

Leave arrangement

The agreed sabbatical leave arrangement will usually take the form of a five-year agreement.

In the first four years where an employer agrees, if requested by the employee, to transfer some of the employee’s net salary (ordinarily 20 percent) into an account nominated by the employee and established for the purpose of funding sabbatical leave.

In the fifth year, sabbatical leave will commence on the first day of Term 1 and continuing until the end of that school year.  For the purposes of entitlements, the period of sabbatical leave shall be treated as leave without pay.

The sabbatical leave year may be taken in conjunction with other forms of leave, such as long service leave, provided that the period of leave does not exceed one year, unless the employer and employee agree in writing.

If there are exceptional circumstances prior to sabbatical leave commencing, either the employer or the employee may withdraw from the agreed arrangements in which case, one whole school terms notice, in writing, must be given setting out those exceptional circumstances.

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