Template Letters

Template letters and forms for employees, independent contractors and volunteers engaged in Victorian Catholic education.

These letters have been updated to include the requirements of Ministerial Order No. 870.

It is important to return to this website each time you prepare a new letter of appointment (rather than copying over an existing letter that was used for another staff member).

How do I use the template letters?

  1. Select the relevant employee category.
  2. Save a copy of the letter on school letterhead.
  3. Complete each of the red sections and include the School's Child Safety Code of Conduct and School Child Safe Policy. Where a section does not apply, delete the section.
  4. If you wish to make significant amendments to the letter, contact the Employee Relations Unit for advice.
  5. Read the letter thoroughly to ensure that all required sections have been completed and that the letter reflects the intended arrangement between the school and the staff member.

Last updated: 19 February 2019