Managing the Removal of Asbestos

If the school is planning demolition or refurbishment work and asbestos has been identified, the asbestos should be removed before work starts.

Managing the asbestos removal process

The main steps are:

  • Review the school’s asbestos register
  • If the school does NOT have an asbestos register, ensure all asbestos has been clearly identified by a competent asbestos consultant and use the findings to create an asbestos register
  • Inform staff, neighbouring businesses (and if necessary residents) about the planned works
  • If possible, schedule the removal during school holidays or at weekends
  • Engage a licensed asbestos removalist who should:
    • Be listed on the WorkSafe website as a Licensed asbestos removalists
    • Provide the school with a written asbestos control plan
    • Notify Worksafe before removing the asbestos
    • Remove and dispose of the asbestos in a safe manner
    • Provide advice regarding the need for carrying out air monitoring
  • Obtain a clearance certificate from an independent person, such as an occupational hygienist before reoccupying the area
  • Update the school’s asbestos register when the work is completed
  • Seek advice from one or more of the following: 
    • An asbestos auditor, occupational hygienist or a licensed asbestos removalist
    • An OHS Advisor at the CECV IR Unit on (03) 9267 0431
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