School Safety Assessments

Schools have a legal obligation to provide a healthy and safe environment for employees, students and others.
Schools also have an obligation to ensure that they are compliant under the review requirements of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

The aim of the School Safety Assessments is to assists schools to meet the OHS components of the VRQA requirements.

Safety Assessment Process

The assessment process involves an OHS Advisor from the Industrial Relations Unit visiting schools and meeting with school leaders and, if applicable, the school’s Health and Safety Representative to assist in making the school environment safe for staff, students and visitors.

The visit involves using the School Safety Assessment Checklist and conducting a walk around the school site to identify potential hazards and discussion of possible recommendations for improvement. The assessment checklist can also be used by schools to conduct a school safety self-assessment.

Following the visit, a written report of the findings and recommendations will be sent to the Principal, and a follow up assessment appointment can be discussed.

Areas of Focus

Areas that are focused on during a school safety assessment includes:

  • Asbestos
  • Slips, trips and falls hazards
  • Manual handling hazards
  • Chemical management
  • First aid facilities, and
  • OHS policies and procedures.


OHS Advisors will contact schools in the third year of the VRQA review cycle to arrange for school safety assessment visits. Schools can contact an OHS Advisor to make an appointment to have a school safety assessment conducted at any stage.