2019 Election

What the parties say on funding for Catholic schools

Election Day will be Saturday 18 May 2019.

The major political parties have made a number of announcements on education in the lead-up to and during the election.

At a national level, Catholic education has been communicating directly with major political parties on their education policy positions, particularly in relation to fair and certain funding.

The National Catholic Education Commission received responses to following questions from the three major parties:

  1. As the Commonwealth is the predominant funder of non-government schools, how will your party ensure Catholic schools remain affordable for most Australian families?

  2. What support will your party provide to help Catholic and other non-government schools upgrade learning facilities and keep pace with enrolment growth, given the rising costs of land, construction and classroom technology?

  3. What is your party's position on the right of religious schools to retain faith-based exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation in relation to staffing, enrolment and policy matters?

  4. Catholic schools are providing an increasing number of pre-school services for families that choose Catholic education. What will your party do to support this important stage of early childhood education?

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria has prepared this handy guide to the parties’ responses for your use.

You can also view the individual statements from the parties here:

It is not unreasonable to expect that education will continue to feature as an important election issue and that the major parties may make further education policy announcements in the coming weeks. You may wish to visit the websites of the parties for any updates.

Authorised by Jim Miles, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd, 228 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002.