Schools are advised to include planning for, responding to and recovering from a pandemic or an outbreak of a communicable disease in their emergency management plans.

To help prevent outbreaks, schools are encouraged to implement a school-wide approach to personal hygiene and advise students and staff to stay home if they have flu-like symptoms.

In the event of an actual or imminent pandemic, control measures such a quarantining, school closures and key health message will be determined by the Department of Health. Catholic schools will receive advice regarding these measures and any actions they are required to take from the CECV, who will work closely with the Department of Education and Training Development and Department of Health to implement pandemic control measures across the Victorian education sector.

If it is necessary for a Catholic school to close, schools will contact parents and guardians directly.  School closures will also be reported on the School Closures page.

More information

For the latest information regarding H1N1 influenza see the Victorian Government's Department of Health website.