Notifications to the Victorian Institute of Teaching

In certain circumstances employers have a legal obligation to notify the Victorian Institute of Teaching of outcomes related to substantiated conduct of a teacher, whether a teacher is fit to teach, whether a teachers ability to teach is affected because of impairment and when the employer becomes aware of a teacher being charged, committed for trial or convicted of certain criminal offences.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is an independent statutory authority for the teaching profession, whose primary function is to regulate members of the teaching profession.

It is a legal requirement for all teachers to be registered with VIT in order to be employed in a school or early childhood education and care service or Victorian children’s service.

The Notifications to the Victorian Institute of Teaching: Guide for Employers, Principals and School Leaders provides guidance to when notifications are required to be made to the VIT as well as advice regarding how this relates to the relevant provisions under the Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2018. The VIT may then take steps to investigate the concerns and review the teacher’s registration.

For further information, please also see the Victorian Institute of Teaching site.