This section provides an anti-bullying guide, a template for policy and procedures for school principals and school leaders in implementing a safe work environment.


The Anti-Bullying Guide for Principals and Leaders has been developed for:

  • employers (e.g. parish priests of primary schools)
  • school principals
  • school leaders (for example, deputy principals and business managers) who are responsible for human resources, occupational health and safety (OHS) issues, return to work (RTW) coordination and staffing matters. 

Generally, principals and school leaders will deal with bullying complaints made by staff at schools.  However, if a complaint is made against a principal of a school, then the employer will be required to deal with the complaint.

Purpose of the Guide

The Anti-Bullying Guide aims to provide: 

  • a clear understanding of what constitutes workplace bullying
  • an overview of the relevant legal framework and potential implications of legal action for schools
  • advice on preventing workplace bullying in schools, including implementation of the necessary policies and training
  • advice on what to do if a complaint of bullying is received, or an employer otherwise becomes aware of a bullying situation amongst staff
  • a list of resources relating to workplace bullying. 

The Guide may be used in conjunction with the following resources:

Bullying Policy A policy template for schools to use and implement 
Bullying Checklist A checklist to assist schools to implement clear procedures to prevent or respond to workplace bullying