Instrumental Music Tutors

Engagement of Instrumental music instructors or instrumental music tutors (IMTs) .

Instrumental music instructors, or instrumental music tutors (IMTs), are people who provide individual tuition to students learning a musical instrument. These lessons are extracurricular and are in addition to any approved curriculum-based music classes.

There is a wide variety of instrumental music programs in schools and also a wide variety of arrangements entered into when engaging IMTs.

There is no standard approach regarding the appointment of IMTs, rather a range of options to suit students, parents or carers, the school and the individuals appointed. These options include where an IMT is:

  • directly engaged as an independent contractor by the school
  • engaged through a labour hire firm or agency
  • directly engaged by the parents of students receiving instrumental music instruction
  • employed by the school.

The Engagement of instrumental music tutors: A guide for principals, employers and school leaders provides information to schools to assist with engaging IMT’s.