Letters of Appointment

Upon engagement, each employee shall be given a letter of appointment.

Although it is not a requirement to provide a letter of appointment to casual employees, including emergency teachers, it is considered good practice to complete letters to ensure protections of both parties.

These letters of appointment may be sourced from Templates.

Letter of appointment

All letters of appointment must specify:

  • the category and classification of employment
  • the pay classification and commencing rate of pay
  • superannuation entitlements
  • long service leave entitlements.

Education support and school services officers

In addition to the above, a letter of appointment for an education support employee or school services officer must state:

  • hours of duty
  • any recall obligations and conditions of payment (for Category B employees)
  • the weeks of leave for the school year (for Category C employees).

Part time employees

Where employment is part time, the letter of appointment must also specify:

  • the full time equivalent (FTE) (which will not be any more than two decimal places rounding up)
  • days upon which the work is to be performed
  • hours of work for education support or school services officers
  • number of scheduled class time hours for teachers

Employment for a specified period of time

Where employment is for a specified period of time (fixed term) the letter must also specify:

  • the reason for the employment being of fixed term duration
  • the relevant circumstances giving rise to that reason
  • the date of commencement and cessation of employment (the cessation of employment must be the day before the next school term commences, with the possible exception of those employees who are replacing another employee on approved leave who wish to return to work)
  • the rights under the VCEMEA of the employee being replaced on approved leave (if applicable).

Casual Relieving

Where employment is casual relieving the letter of appointment must also specify:

  • the temporary nature of the appointment
  • the expected duration of the appointment
  • that the period of employment can be varied at any time, subject to the return to work of the employee being relieved.
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