Resident Caretakers

Resident caretakers may be supplied with benefits by the employer.

These benefits may be the provision of accommodation and the direct or indirect payment of utilities arising from the provision of the accommodation.

Resident Caretakers

An employer may provide a non-monetary benefit to a School Services Officer by providing accommodation and the direct and indirect payment of utilities in lieu of monetary benefits.

The provision of a non-monetary benefit extinguishes any entitlement of the School Services Officer to be paid monetary benefits.

The employer shall nominate, in writing, each non-monetary benefit provided to the School Services Officer in lieu of monetary benefits, and must also record the number of hours worked by the employee during each pay period (including start and finishing times).


The money value of the non-monetary benefits is determined by:

  • The value of the accommodation agreed between the employer and the employee at the time of engagement (having regard to the market value of the accommodation and the benefit derived), and
  • The cost of any utilities paid by the employer, and
  • Fringe Benefits Tax.

At the conclusion of each school year, if the monetary benefits calculated exceed the non-monetary benefits already paid, the employer must pay the employee an amount (if any) equal to the difference. 

If there is a dispute about any matters (including the money value and the non-monetary benefits), the dispute procedures under the VCEMEA will apply.

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