Jury Service

Employees may be entitled to paid Jury Service leave.

Jury Service

Employees required under the Juries Act 2000 (Vic) to appear and serve as a juror in any court shall be entitled to be granted leave with pay for the period of their attendance in a court is required.

Employees must provide written proof to the employer of the requirement to attend for jury service.  If given by the court, the written proof must also provide an estimate of the duration of the absence.

Any payments made to an employee by Court Authorities by way of a prescribed rate of remuneration (excluding allowances) shall be reimbursed to the employer.

Jury Service (Non-Agreement Employees)

Under the Juries Act 2000 (Vic), employers must pay employees who are on jury service the difference between what they receive in jury payments and what they would usually expect to earn had they not attended for jury service.  This applies to:

  • Full time employees
  • Part time employees
  • Casual employees (in most cases).

Under the Juries Act 2000 (Vic), there is no limitation on the make-up pay provision and as such, employers must pay make-up pay for as long as an employee is on jury duty.

This is, in substance, the same entitlement as under the VCEMEA, but applies to any school based employee not covered by the VCEMEA (e.g. Business Managers).

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