Consultation and Consultative Committee

The VCEMEA contains detailed provisions regarding consultation with teachers and establishing a Consultative Committee.


The consultation provisions of the VCEMEA sets out a process for registered primary, secondary and special schools to consult with staff through the Consultative Committee.


Consultation means a serious attempt through a fair exchange of views is made in order to reach an understanding and consensus.

Structure of Consultative Committee

There shall be a Consultative Committee in each school which will be either, that this is agreed between the principal and the majority of staff, or a Committee comprising of:

  • the principal
  • two nominees of the principal;
  • two nominees of the Union;
  • one staff nominee elected by and from the total staff.

The specified model will apply unless and until there is an agreed alternative. The Union will be given two weeks’ notice prior to a vote being taken.

The term of office of members and the duration of the model agreed shall be decided at the school but shall be for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

Each member may choose to have a proxy.

Multi Campus Secondary Schools

In multi-campus secondary schools, the composition of the Consultative Committee may include representatives for each campus provided the composition retains that same balance of principal representative as staff/union representatives as a single campus secondary college.

Procedures of the Consultative Committee

Meetings of the Consultative Committee may be called by the principal or by at least three members of the Committee at any time, and shall meet each year as often as required.

The Consultative Committee shall provide recommendations to the Principal on the following issues:

  • class sizes;
  • scheduled class time;
  • total workloads for teachers including meetings, Parent/Teacher meetings and extra/co-curricular duties;
  • Positions of Leadership.

Reasonable notice of meetings will be given and the agenda, motions and relevant papers shall be distributed in sufficient time to allow consultation prior to the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting shall be made available to the members of the Consultative Committee within two weeks of the date of the meeting.

Where a principal makes a decision which is not consistent with the recommendations of the Consultative Committee, the principal shall provide to the Committee members, in writing, the reasons for the decision.

Where the Committee decides that insufficient consultation has taken place, this concern should be taken up formally with the principal.

Where a grievance arises in relation to the operation of the Committee, the dispute procedures will apply. 


The Consultative Committee in each school will meet as often as required in Term 4 to discuss and make recommendations to the principal in relation to the arrangements and schedule of meetings for teachers for the next school year, with a specific focus on maximising the efficient use of meeting times.

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