Educational Initiatives

Schools can introduce educational initiatives that can lead to improved teaching and learning outcomes.

Educational Initiatives

To facilitate the introduction of educational initiatives through pilot programmes that schools believe can lead to improved teaching and learning outcomes, schools will be able to determine alternative arrangements to those contained in this Agreement, save that no employee shall be paid at a rate of pay less than those contained in this Agreement nor be required to perform an unfair, unreasonable or excessive workload.

Prior to introducing a pilot program a school is required to develop a detailed proposal identifying:

  • the educational initiative(s)
  • the duration of the programme
  • the desired outcome(s)
  • the consequences for the workload of the staff concerned, and
  • the review and evaluation process.

In order to implement any initiative under this clause the school will need the agreement of:

  • a significant majority of staff affected
  • the relevant Director of a Catholic Education Office, and
  • the Union.
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