Transition to Retirement

An Employee may apply to reduce their working hours as part of a transition to retirement agreement.

A full-time Employee is eligible to make a request in writing to their Employer to permanently reduce their working hours as part of a genuine transition to retirement. 

The Employer must consider the request to work part-time having regard to the Employee's circumstances. However, the Employer may refuse the request on reasonable grounds related to the effects on the Employer's business. These grounds, whilst not exhaustive, may consider:

  • That the new working arrangements would be too costly for the Employer
  • The lack of capacity to change the working arrangement of other Employees to accommodate the request

A response to the request should be given to the Employee within 21 days, stating the outcome of the request.

If the Employer refuses the request for part-time work, the written response must detail the reasons for refusal. Where the request for transition is accepted, the agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

The transition to retirement agreement must include:

  • The Employee's new part-time fraction
  • The start and end date of the transition to retirement
  • A letter from the Employee providing notice of retirement at the end of the agreement.

Any variations to an Employee's part-time fraction under the agreement require agreement between the Employer and Employee. Furthermore, it is the Employee's responsibility to seek appropriate advice on the terms and conditions of their transition to retirement. 

Templates for the transition to retirement can be found below. 

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