Salaries and Allowances

Staff employed in Victorian Catholic education may be entitled to an allowance in addition to a salary in accordance with the VCEMEA.

Accident Make Up Pay An employee who receives workers' compensation payments in the form of weekly benefits may be entitled to receive accident make up pay
Additional qualifications and accelerated advancement Teachers may be considered for accelerated advancement through the incremental scale for the acquisition of an additional qualification, or by procedures as determined by the employer
Allowances Various allowances may be payable to an employee under the Agreement or determined by the employer
Assessment of Experience Employees may progress annually through their classification subject to provisions of the Agreement
Higher Enrolment Band Allowance Where there is a change of enrolment in a primary school, the principal and/or deputy principal may be entitled to a higher enrolment band allowance
Incremental Progression Victorian Catholic education employees are entitled to advance up the incremental scale on an annual basis
Leave Loading Employees (excluding casual, casual relieving and emergency teachers) may be entitled to receive a leave loading allowance in addition to their usual salary
Part-Time teacher and parent teacher interviews The requirements and entitlements of part-time teachers for attendance at parent teacher interviews. 
Payment of wages and allowances Employees shall be paid any wages and allowances on a fortnightly basis throughout the school year or at the discretion of the employer
Rates of pay The rates of pay for employees covered by the VCEMEA
Recall arrangements Category B employees may be recalled to duty during school holiday periods
Salary Assessment Salary assessments are completed for all employees to ensure that schools are paying their employees correctly
Scheduled Class Time A teachers FTE is calculated on their scheduled class time
School Holiday Pay Some employees are entitled to school holidays without deduction of pay