Various allowances may be payable to an employee under the VCEMEA.

Where allowances are payable, they shall be paid fortnightly throughout the school year. 

At the discretion of the employer, allowances may be paid in advance for annual leave, school holiday pay and leave loading.

Higher Duties Allowances – Teachers and Education Support Employees

Teachers or Education Support employees who:

  • are required to relieve, for ten continuous working days or more, another employee who holds a higher position of responsibility or higher Education Support level position, and
  • who performs the whole of the greater part of the duties and assumes the whole of the greater part of the responsibilities of that position

should be entitled to the minimum allowance of the rate of pay applicable to that position for the period of relief.

Higher Duties Allowances – Deputy Principals

Where a Deputy Principal is appointed as Acting Principal for a period in excess of 15 continuous working days, the Acting Principal shall be entitled to receive the minimum rate of pay prescribed for the Principal position.

For appointments over 10 weeks’ duration, the allowance will be determined by the relevant Catholic Education Office.

Higher Duties Allowances – Education Officers

Education Officers who are required to relieve, for 20 continuous working days or more, another employee who holds a higher Senior Education Officer Grade and level position may be entitled to be paid a higher duties allowance.

To be eligible, employees will be required to assume the whole or greater part of the responsibilities associated with the role.

The minimum allowance payable for the position of responsibility will be paid for the entire period of relief.

Higher Duties Allowances – School Services Officers

A School Services Officer engaged for more than two hours during one day or shift to undertake duties carrying a higher rate of pay than their ordinary classification shall be paid the higher rate for such day or shift. 

If a School Services Officer is engaged for less than two hours, they shall be paid the higher rate for the time worked.

Travel Allowance

Employees required to use their own vehicle in the performance of their duties by the employer shall be entitled to make a claim for travel allowance.  Where such a claim is made, the employee is entitled to be paid an allowance at the rate per kilometre as set down from time to time by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax deduction purposes.

Provision of Evening Meal

Employees (excluding School Services Officers) will be supplied with an evening meal should the employer require the employee to remain at their workplace after 7.00pm. This meal will be provided to the employee if the employee has worked a minimum of five hours on that day. 

School Services Officers required to work overtime in excess of one and a half hours on any day shall be paid the allowance of $22 or be supplied with a meal.

Any employee required to work more than five hours overtime shall be paid a further amount of $22 or be supplied with a meal.

Tool Allowance

If an employee who is employed as a tradesperson (including an apprentice) is required to provide their own tools, the employee must be paid a weekly allowance of $20 per week (non-carpenter or joiner) or $36 per week (carpenter or joiner).

Medical Support Allowance

An education support employee will be entitled to a medical support allowance if they are required to undertake specific training to support a student who has unstable health and/or complex health needs.  The training must be required to support that student in their daily routine.

Protective Clothing

Where an employer deems it necessary for an employee to wear protective clothing, the employee shall be provided with an allowance for cleaning costs incurred.

Position of Leadership (POL)

Allowances will generally be set between POL 1 and POL 4.  A flexible amount is a POL Variable (POLV).  The Consultative Committee, by majority decision, may recommend another amount as the allowance for a Position of Leadership (POL). 

POL allowances are only for those employees who hold a teaching position.  For non-teachers, a miscellaneous allowance may be paid.

Variable amounts shall be adjusted by the same percentage and on the same dates as a POL 4.

The tenure for POLs are determined by the Consultative Committee, with a limited tenure between two and five years.

Where a POL is not going to be renewed, the incumbent will be provided with not less than seven weeks’ notice prior to the end of the conclusion of the contract. 

Higher Enrolment Band Allowance

If, in any given year of an appointment, the enrolment of a school increases to a level higher than the level to which a Primary School Principal and/or Deputy Principal is appointed, they will be entitled to receive a Higher Enrolment Band (HEB) allowance for that school year. 

The enrolment is based on the school census figures at the February census.

The HEB Allowance will be the difference between the first salary point in the level as determined by the enrolment of the school in that year and the actual salary of the Principal and/or Deputy Principal.

Where a Principal continues to receive a HEB allowance for three consecutive years, then the Principal will be considered to have been reclassified to the relevant level as determined by the enrolment of the school on 1 May in the third year.

Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2018 (clause 42, 47, 50, 51, 62, 67, (Appendix 8 (1.5))



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