Payment of Wages and Allowances

Employees shall be paid any wages and allowances on a fortnightly basis throughout the school year.

Wages and allowances

Employees shall be paid wages and allowances on a fortnightly basis through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), subject to annual leave, school holiday pay and leave loading, wages and allowances which may be paid in advance at the discretion of the employer.

Each employee shall nominate a bank account into which their wages and allowances shall be paid and shall provide their employer with the necessary details and authority so as to enable to employer to pay the employee by EFT.

Each employee shall be supplied with a statement setting out details of the amount of wages earned, including any overtime, penalties, allowances and deductions made and the net amount paid. 

Salary Packaging - all employees 

An employee may elect to receive their annual remuneration as a combination of salary and benefits payable by the employer providing:

  • the employer may determine the range of benefits available to the employee; and
  • the employee may determine the mix and level of benefits.

The sum total of such salary, allowances, benefits and Fringe Benefits Tax will equal the appropriate rate of pay for the employee prescribed in the relevant salary schedule.

Deductions made from an employee’s salary must be authorised in accordance with the VCEMEA if an election has been made in writing by the employee.

Any payment calculated by reference to the employee’s salary and payable either during employment, or on termination of employment, or on death, will be calculated by reference to the appropriate rate of pay for the employee prescribed in the relevant salary schedule. 

Salary Packaging – Principals

By written agreement between the employer and a school principal, a proportion of the principal’s wages may be directed towards the payment of a novated car lease in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Catholic Education Office which shall be provided to the principal. 

Error in payment

When an error in payment of wages and/or allowances and/or salary packaging has been made, discussions will take place between the employee and the employer/principal regarding a scheme of payment to rectify the error. 


All employees, other than casual employees, shall be entitled to Superannuation payments. Casual employees will be entitled to Superannuation payments where either:

Superannuation payments will be made into a compliant Superannuation Fund within 15 days of commencement of service with an employer. An employee shall be entitled to elect to have the employer’s superannuation contributions paid into the employee’s account with Catholic Super, Australian Super, or another compliant fund.

Should the employee fail to notify the employer of the fund elected, within 15 days of commencement of service with that employer, then the employer may open an account on the employee’s behalf with Catholic Super.

An employee may vary the choice of superannuation fund only once in a twelve-month period.

By written agreement between the employer and the employee, a proportion of the employee’s wages and allowances may be paid as an employer contribution to the employee’s superannuation fund. Any such employer contribution to a superannuation fund must be in addition to the Employer’s obligation under the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992

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