Recall Arrangements - Category B

Category B employees may be recalled to duty during school holiday periods.


Category B Education Support and School Services Officers may be recalled to duty during school holiday periods.  Recall is set at a maximum of six days per year for full time employees.  Part-time employees may be recalled on a pro-rata basis.

Recall days should immediately follow the end of a school term or immediately precede the beginning of a school term, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed.

End of year procedures

Principals should consult with all Category B staff each year about the last day of attendance at the end of each school year.

Category B staff should commence school holidays at the end of the year on or around the same day as Teachers.  Any requirement for Category B staff to work beyond the last day of attendance for Teachers for Term 4 must be demonstrably based on a need to perform purposeful tasks which are relevant to the employee’s normal duties.


Category B employees should be provided with as much notice of any recall as possible, but a minimum of four weeks’ notice of any recall arrangements is required.

An employer may provide less notice to an employee for a day of recall in the case of an emergency.  However, an employee may not be able to attend for duty. 


Where a Category B employee attends for duty during school holiday periods, the employee will be entitled to be paid an allowance equal to 72.47% of their daily rate of pay for each day of attendance.

Subject to local arrangements, the allowance is generally only payable for recall days worked during the gazetted school holidays as defined by the Department of Education and Training.

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