Salary Assessments

Salary Assessments are undertaken for all employees to ensure that schools are paying their employees correctly.

Salary Assessment

Salary Assessments should be completed:

  • when a new employee commences employment in Victorian Catholic education
  • when an employee is provided with a new contract (fixed term employment)
  • when an employee returns from a period of leave
  • when an employee attains a qualification (Masters degree or its equivalent or higher).

Employees are entitled to progress annually through their classification, subject to the provisions of the VCEMEA.

For all employees, the commencement salary for employees is subdivision 1 of their classification or at that subdivision commensurate with their years of experience as follows:

  • Employees employed in Catholic education as an ongoing employee at any time from 29 October 2008 will be assessed based on their classification when they were last employed during that period.  Their salary will be adjusted by any further service undertaken since their last increment.
  • All other employees will be credited with one increment for each year of experience.

Part-time experience is counted as equivalent to full-time experience, however any periods of emergency teaching or casual work cannot count towards approved experience.

Periods of Leave

Any period of approved leave without pay taken from an employer cannot be included in the years of approved experience.  Periods of leave with pay (Long Service Leave, Paid Parental Leave etc) will count as service for salary assessment purposes.

Additional Requirements – Teachers

Teachers with experience outside of Victorian Catholic Education will be required to provide evidence that would satisfy a reasonable person of their teaching experience. 

If a teacher has not provided this evidence after 26 weeks, any back payment will not exceed 26 weeks.  At the employer’s discretion, an extension may be granted to the employee if the employee can demonstrate they have made reasonable endeavours to obtain the evidence.

Additional Qualifications – Teachers

Teachers are entitled to advance up the incremental scale by one subdivision if they have successfully completed a qualification of Masters Degree (or its equivalent) or higher.  The qualification must be attained according to standards adopted and approved by Australian tertiary institutions and must be equivalent to at least one year of full time study.

Incremental advancement will occur on 1 May following the date on which the extra qualification was attained, or upon commencement of a new contract for other staff if the qualification was attained after 1 May.  Incremental advancement shall not pre-date the date of notification.

Teachers are required to notify their employer in writing of the acquisition of an additional qualification, and provide satisfactory evidence to this effect.

Graduate teachers who have graduated with a Masters Degree (or its equivalent) or higher but have no experience will commence employment at the lowest subdivision for teachers.  An increment for the additional qualification will occur on 1 May in their first year of employment, provided the teacher is employed at this time. 

Accelerated Advancement – Teachers

Teachers may be considered for accelerated advancement through the incremental scale.  Advancement procedures are determined by the employer, and will only be applicable during their employment with this employer.

Experience as a Principal

Following experience as a Principal, employees who take up a position as a teacher in Victorian Catholic education shall be classified at the top of the teacher scale.

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