Parental Leave

Information, template letters and forms for both the employer and employee before, during and after periods of parental leave.

The following information sheets provide advice on frequently asked questions relating to parental leave.

Before Leave
During Leave
Return to Work

The following information sheet concerns the calculation of half pay parental leave.

Half-Pay Parental Leave – Information for Schools

Template letters regarding the various stages of parental leave may be found below. 

Notice of parental leave
Notice of pre-adoption leave
Notice of special maternity leave
Confirmation or change of parental leave
Medical certificate request from employer to employee (six weeks before birth)
Request from employer to employee to take parental leave (six weeks before birth)
Letter from employer confirming parental leave details 
Notice or Request to change duration of parental leave
Notice of second or subsequent period of concurrent leave
Notice of work for relevant employer during parental leave
Request to work outside of Catholic education during parental leave
Notice of return to work and request for part time employment
Letter from employer accepting part time work agreement or subsequent part time work agreement
Letter from employer refusing part time work agreement
Letter from employer regarding temporary return to work during parental leave
Letter from employer requesting confirmation of return to work
Letter from employer acknowledging return to pre-parental leave position