A variety of Employee Relations Training is available for Principals, School Leaders and Administrative staff throughout the year. The training will be delivered online and you can register for the training on the Online Professional Learning (OPL) portal.

The following online training is available in Term 2 2023:

Time in Lieu FAQ's and Time in Lieu tracker

  • Tuesday 2nd May at 2:00PM
  • Tuesday 9th May at 2:00PM
  • Thursday 8th June at 11:00AM
  • Wednesday 14th June at 2:00PM

30/8 FAQ's

  • Wednesday 3rd May at 10:00AM (Primary Schools)
  • Thursday 11th May at 11:00AM (Secondary Schools)
  • Wednesday 7th June at 10:00AM (Primary Schools)
  • Thursday 15th June at 11:00AM (Secondary Schools)

Managing conduct and performance concerns

  • Tuesday 15th May at 2:00PM

How to calculate half pay parental leave

  • Wednesday 24th May at 11:00AM

Engaging Employees on Fixed Term contracts

  • Wednesday 31st May at 11::00AM

Ill and injured employees

  • Tuesday 6th June at 2:00PM

Introduction of major change and workforce planning + transition to retirement and managing resignations

  • Wednesday 14th June at 10:00AM