A variety of Employee Relations Training is available for Principals, School Leaders and Administrative staff throughout the year. The training will be delivered online and you can register for the training on the Online Professional Learning (OPL) portal.

The following online training is available in Term 4 2023:

Know your new Agreement - CEMEA 2022 (School Leaders)

  • Tuesday 10 October at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday 18 October at 10:00AM
  • Wednesday 24 October at 1:00PM

Know your new Agreement - CEMEA 2022 (School Administrative Staff)

  • Wednesday 11 October at 10:00AM 
  • Thursday 19 October ar 10:00AM
  • Wednesday 25 October at 10:00AM

Clause 15 Variation of hours

  • Thursday 12 October at 10:00AM

Fixed term employment - Changes in accordance with the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022

  • Tuesday 17 October at 1:00PM

Pro rata School holiday pay

  • Wednesday 1 November at 10::00AM
  • Wednesday 14 November at 10:00AM