A variety of Employee Relations Training is available for Principals, School Leaders and Administrative staff throughout the year. The training will be delivered online and you can register for the training on the Online Professional Learning (OPL) portal.

The following online training is available in Term 1 2023:

Types of Employment under the VCEMEA

  • Wed 15th Febuary at 10:00AM

30/8 model in accordance with the VCEMEA 23

  • Thu 16th February at 10:00AM
  • Wed 1st March at 10:00AM
  • Tue 14th March at 2:00PM
  • Thu 30th March at 10:00AM

Engaging employees on Fixed Term 

  • Wed 8th March at 10:00AM

Time in Lieu in accordance with the VCEMEA 23

  • Tue 21st February at 2:00PM
  • Thu 9th March at 11:00AM
  • Wed 22nd March at 10:00AM
  • Wed 5th April at 1:00PM

Incremental Progression and Salary Assessments 

  • Tue 28th March at 11:00AM
  • Tues 4th April at 12:00PM