Leave without pay

Employees have the right to request leave without pay, but the granting of such leave is at the discretion of the employer.

Service continuity

Leave without pay does not break continuity of service, but is not to be taken into account in calculating the period of service for any purpose of the VCEMEA where the period of leave without pay is in excess of 15 days in a school year.

Leave without pay affects the entitlement an employee would otherwise have to school holidays, annual leave and leave loading under the VCEMEA for periods of leave without pay in excess of 15 days, in that school year, in direct proportion to the amount of leave without pay taken.

Extended leave without pay

If an employee is granted extended leave without pay (i.e. four months or more), the question of the employee’s specific duties on return to work should be considered before the granting of such leave and any arrangements made should be documented.

If no such prior arrangement is made, an employee upon return to work shall be entitled to a position commensurate with their qualifications and experience in the case of principals and teachers, or at the same level of classification in the case of education support employees.

When an employee is on extended leave without pay, the employee shall confirm an intention to return to work between 10 and seven working weeks prior to the expiry of the leave.

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