Assessment of Experience

Employees may progress annually through their classification subject to provisions of the VCEMEA.


For the purposes of incremental progression, incremental cycle means the period between 1 May in any year and 30 April of the following year.

For the purposes of incremental progression, a year of experience means:

  • Four months of experience in any incremental cycle up until 30 April 2013
  • Six months of experience in any incremental cycle from 1 May 2013.


The commencement salary for employees is subdivision 1 of their classification or that subdivision as is commensurate with their years of experience.

Employees employed in Catholic Education as an ongoing employee at any time from the period 29 October 2008 will be assessed based on their classification when they were last employed during this time and adjusted by any further service undertaken since their last increment.

All other employees will be credited with one increment for each year of experience.


For the purposes in incremental progression, teaching experience means any teaching experience in a registered school in Australia or overseas or equivalent. This experience does not include emergency teaching or equivalent.

Service as an Education Officer shall count as experience as a teacher.

Employee Improvement Plan (EIP)

Any incremental progression which would occur in a period during which an employee is subject to an EIP shall, subject to the discretion of the employer, be withheld until the employee is notified that the EIP has been concluded satisfactorily. Any such amount that is withheld shall be back paid upon the conclusion of the EIP, other than where the EIP concludes in termination of employment.

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