Message from the directors of Catholic education

Dear Parent

Welcome to Catholic education and thank you for choosing a Catholic school for your child. All in Catholic education understand that this is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent/carer/guardian. By choosing a Catholic school, your child will be nurtured in an environment which offers students an opportunity to encounter Jesus. Catholic schools recognise that every child is special and unique, and make every effort to cater for your child’s individual learning needs.

Catholic schools are founded on Jesus Christ and are an important part of the Catholic Church’s mission. The values and teachings of Jesus Christ, as presented in the gospel and proclaimed by the Church, are central to the Catholic school vision – a vision that offers fullness of life.

A distinctive mark of Catholic schools is the emphasis on community – principals, teachers, staff and parents/carers/guardians working together and with the wider community to educate and develop the whole child: emotionally, academically, physically, socially and spiritually. Catholic schools have a moral, legal and mission-driven responsibility to create nurturing school environments, where all children and young people are respected and have agency, their voices are heard, and they are safe and feel safe.

Catholic schools are committed to excellence in educational standards. They are partners with you in your child’s faith development and in providing a high-quality education.

Catholic schools are supported by Catholic education offices in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the dioceses of Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst. These authorities provide service and leadership, so you can be confident that state and national standards in education are maintained in all Catholic schools. At the same time, each Catholic school has the flexibility to tailor its programs to meet the individual needs of students, as well as those of the local parish and community.

We wish you and your family well as you begin or continue this journey in Catholic education. We encourage you to be active partners with the school in your child’s education and to involve yourself in the school community, where you are now a valued member.


Dr Edward Simons
Executive Director
Archdiocese of Melbourne

Mr Tom Sexton
Director of Catholic Education
Diocese of Ballarat

Mr Paul Velten
Director of Catholic Education
Diocese of Sale

Mr Paul Desmond
Director of Catholic Education
Diocese of Sandhurst